Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The February Post-a-Day challenge

My friend Rachel over at Basically Bertram issued a challenge to a blogger friend of hers: a post a day for the short month of February. I hereby invite myself along for the ride. I have often thought about the daily-post idea, inspired, in part, by my aunt Missy's awesome (and nearly complete) journey of producing a photo a day for an entire year, the stunning results of which you can see here; the 28-day time limit makes this feel like a doable experiment.

While I know Missy is looking forward to the release from duty when her year is up this month, there is something comforting about the continuity of her project from the friends-and-family perspective: because the timeframe is so micro, so immediate, her site feels almost like an algorythm of her days and moods. If I want to know if she's around or traveling, I go to smugmug to see if yesterday's post was the woods near her house or the waters of nantucket. And I will admit, I love to look at a page of thumbnail images representing a month and see the anomolies, especially, i will admit, when I am part of it, like the blurry image of headlights marking the drive home after Missy helped me stage the house in Brooklyn for sale; among the more pastoral shots, it jumped right out at me as a day apart.

All of this makes me appreciate this blog for what it might mean to you, the readers, and your understanding of us, the subjects. I'm truly looking forward to getting a peek into the lives of Bertram, Vivian, and their parents every day this month, and hope you might feel the same about a daily does of Clio Confidential. I'm curious to see if I reflect on my days differently when I know I must produce something today, rather than saving up images and stories for larger posts that have the benefit of consideration but may lose the (benefit?) of immediacy, and whether the consistency breeds new material, or makes it all feel stale.

Now, full disclosure: I am cheating today. I just learned of the challenge on February third, yet have labeled this February second- but, like Missy, who never once cheated and posted an old photo, I will now go forth and create new content daily.


Unknown said...

in line with daily offerings, you should check this one out.
i discovered it when we were shopping for plates.

Rebecca said...

Ohhh. I like this idea, can I play?

Melissa O’Shaughnessy said...

Thanks for the plug! I will be checking in daily...I think you'll find you will be both murderous and gratified by the exercise, in equal measure. Your readers, however, will be only gratified.

We miss you, BTW. You all look like you're thriving out west.


sara said...

me too, me too!

and i wholeheartedly agree with missy. things feel like they're going great in boulder.