Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cookie Montser

So, it turns out that Eleri has a bit of a sweet tooth. As these things go, we were really careful about giving Clio sugar from an early age, but as a second child, Eleri was introduced far sooner and has had the pleasure far more often. Clio has recently campaigned for regular desserts in our household, yet she is a child who can push away a half eaten bowl of ice cream and declare herself done. Eleri, on the other hand, will polish her own serving off in about one big inhale, then sign for "more" while she's still got a mouthful. In fact, the other day we had Thin Mints for dessert (an enterprising young Girl Scout had set up a cookie booth outside our local Safeway), and when Eleri saw me hand a second one to Clio, she quickly shoved her entire cookie in her mouth in order to ask for more.

And oh, did she enjoy it.

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Unknown said...

i think i must have gotten my sweet tooth from being second child too! i love that image of eleri shoving the thin mint in her mouth to get the second. priceless!