Friday, February 26, 2010

Easter Dresses

The other day I popped in to Home Good/ TJ Maxx on my home from work, to return a duvet cover that didn't work for Clio's bed. I wandered into the girls section to see if they had dance gear in Clio's size, and (cue that heavenly music, where the sun rises and birds chirp and bunnies hop by): the Easter Dresses are here.

Oh. My. God.

I wished I had my camera on me to capture the display (perhaps the whole post-a-day thing is getting to me). As any bargain-stor shopper knows, most of the racks at a TJ Maxx are close together and stuffed- they have great stuff, but they make you work for it. But right now, they have cleared a tremendous amount of square footage for a real display: little islands of clothing racks, each festooned with two or three styles of dress in sizes from baby to big girl. Because Clio mostly wears dresses anyway (and has a particular fondness for fancy dresses), I felt justified in making a selection,and found myself loaded down with frothy confections for her spring/summer wardrobe. But because Clio is also quite opinionated about her fashions, and because my mother does an excellent job of picking out special occasion dresses, I put all but two back, and these two are sundresses as much as they are party dresses.

I'll give you a minute to absorb the cuteness.

Go ahead, enjoy it.....

Okay, moving on. While shopping, I noticed another trend in little-girls clothing: the big-girls clothes in little girl sizes. Embellished denim minis, funky hoodies, sassy slogans, lace-edged leggings. At first glance, there is something adorable about trendy teen clothing in toddler sizes, but upon second thought, I found myself drawn back to the high waists, the full skirts, the puff sleeves, the sashes. My little girls will only be little once; there is plenty of time to dress like teenagers- hopefully, just when they are teenagers. So I will indulge Clio's princess fantasy with a little one of my own.

I haven't revealed the dresses to Clio yet- I need to wait long enough that I might actually let her wear one of them once she sees them, but not so long that I can't return them if, inexplicably, she hates them.

For now, it is giving me great pleasure just to look at them.

And take their picture.

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