Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Monday, March 11, 2013

What We're Making: The Daily News

We don't get a paper-paper around here these days, so I'm not sure what Clio's inspiration was.

She created a daily newspaper using her silly sentences board, then had me make copies.

She tied them up and put them in a "newsbag" and delivered them to me, Dave, and my parents when we met them for lunch.  She insisted they each get their own.

One way or another, this kid is shaping up to be a writer.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

What We're Making: Pirate Ship

These girls see no end to the possibilities in a cardboard box, and can often be heard begging for them at my parents' house.

I love that this is a ship with a proper mast and a sail made from upholstery batting (scavengers!), and that the ropes are made from gingham ribbon, but I ESPECIALLY love Clio's take on a skull and cross bones flag.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The valentine that wasn't

If you know us well, it should be no surprise that instead of a Christmas card we do a Valentine's card.  Yes, we like that valentines are sweet, and different, and that a card in February stands out from the December pack.

But let's be honest: we also just kinda can't get it together to do one more thing at the end of the year.  I do an entire BOOK, after all.

This year, we didn't even get it together to do a card in February.  While I am a little sad that we did not reach out to friends and family with a little token, and while I am sad that we will have a hole in the chronicles of annual family cards, it is also the kind of thing that once the time is past, you kind of just let go.

Dave and the girls did have this cute idea for a card.  the execution lacked a little and the timing?  Well, I believe they took these pictures on February 14th.

Too little, too late.

But cute, no?  (In case it is not totally clear, they are making a heart with their negative space.  Obvs.)

Some of our past cards are posted on the blog, like 2011 and, well.  Just 2011!