Sunday, October 9, 2011

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

I've decided to do my best to at least get photos up here as we manage to take them  (now BOTH girls run shrieking when we take out the camera).  There may not be lots of words or stories or reflections.  But you'll get the gist.


We've had some remarkably warm October weather, and today we took advantage and headed out to the arboretum.  We covered about 300 yards of the huge place.  There was a used book fair, and we cleaned up (literally dozens of books for a total of $4.  Are you proud, Barb?)  There were pumpkins and gourds to see, and scarecrows to photograph (both Clio and Eleri took a turn with the ginormous camera, promting lots of predictable but sweet comments from passersby: "a future photographer, huh?" "Maybe she'll be rich and famous someday!").  There were educational activites that included leaf pounding to transfer colors, an experiment (with beakers and everything) about why leaves change color, leaf crowns to sew, corn to dig, and some crazy little camera that made the pores on my skin look disgusting but cool.