Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Birthday Wish Lists 2015

Oh, we are in an 18" doll phase, let me tell you!  But there is some branching out.  Trips to Creative Kidstuff help jog the mind.

The top choice big-ticket item for Eleri is an actual American Girl doll.  Here is Eleri's "truly me" doll.

Clio's number one wish is the My Little Pony Crystal Princess Palace Playset.

Eleri's OG wish list:
What a Trek Set
Camping/ tent set (any color)
Various outfits
OG laundry room playset
Salon Chair (any color)
Hair Salon Set

Clio's OG wish list:
Goodnight Moose
(other outfits as well, but that is top choice)

In non-doll territory, both girls:
Beanie Boos (I can tell you which ones they already have)

Playmobil country horse farm with paddock
Mine for Gems kit
Princess figures
Lego Friends Jungle Falls Rescue

Gross Me Out Science Kit
Secret Formula Lab
Glowing Crystals rock kit
Squishy T-Rex
Lego Elves Treetop Hideaway
pom-pom monster salon
Felted friends
Erin Hunter, Warriors series: Dawn of the Clans (books 1-4)
Warrior super editions (all, except Yellofangs Secret)
My Little Pony figures