Saturday, November 22, 2014

Christmas Lists 2014

Clio has created 7 hand-written copies of this list, which I am sure she is happy to distribute.  But in the meantime, let's use technology, shall we?

All of the following are Our Generation:

Well-traveled luggage set
Doll carrier
Aurora Doll
"You choose"

She also picked out some things at Creative Kidstuff:

Smaland Dog Family
Smaland Rabbit hutch
Giant Giraffe Stuffed Animal
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

She has also been wanting the 4th series of the Warriors books, all except the first one.

Warriors Omen of the Stars, books 2-6.  Here is the box set.  I'm too lazy to link the 5 books individually.

As for Eleri, if it is very big, expensive, and Our Generation, she wants it.  I talked her down from the (very cool) $90 retro beetle car to the $35 jeep 4x4, but on everything else she is sticking to her guns.

Gourmet Kitchen
Wooden Wardrobe with ribbons
Retro Diner
4x4 car
Sitting pretty salon
Ride in Style scooter (light pink and ivory)
Bunk Bed
Horse Barn Stable and saddle

And some non-OG options:

Alex Tattoo Glitter Party
Alex Ultimate Hair Accessories

For better price points, they do both want OG outfits, shoes, and accessories.