Sunday, May 20, 2012

Art a Whirl

Too many times this spring, I find myself referring to events as "you know, that thing we meant to do last year but didn't.  I can't remember why."

I'm trying to remedy that by actually getting activities on the calendar and then sticking to them, weather, naps, or traffic be damned.

Yesterday we hit art-a-whirl, the open studios weekend in northeast.  We chose the Casket Arts building--smaller than Northrup King, larger than California, and, not coincidentally, right next to Find Furnish, a favorite mid century furniture shop.

It was just the right size: four floors of studios for artists working in paint, print making, tile, furniture making, mixed media, and more.  There was just enough to keep the girls going: snacks in almost every room and the occasional hands-on activity.

Clio got to run a card through a letterpress

Both girls made their own little hand held mirrors

(And got lovely new necklaces like the one Eleri is wearing here--thanks Nonny!)

We also saw art that got us inspired for our own projects

And art we might actually purchase and bring into our house.  Like a giant jellyfish (not pictured).

I love showing them something of the artist's life, and the idea of buying art from an event they attended.  And it was great to see the outpouring of support for this event--so many people from all walks of life!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Creative Clio

It's no secret that Clio is a prolific budding artist.  Lately, she's gotten really creative about inventing projects.
There have been lots and lots of output in the "paper doll" category.

I think she made these guys at school.

At home, she supersized the idea.  Meet "Crismas."  Crismas has red jeweled eyes and sparkly buttons on her dress.  (Her arms are propped behind the chair to keep her upright -- or oh-so-laid-back, depending on how you look at it.)  Unfortunatelu, Crismas lost her shoes to the vacuum cleaner.

These little ghosts got stuffed with cotton in the middle to make them fat and puffy.

She made this family of kings from that foam paper.

All of these projects were of her invention and created of her initiative (and, truthfully, with very little parental oversight.)  I am constantly amazed by the little treasures we find all over the house.