Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Lists

It's no secret that I have pretty much abandoned this blog completely.  After years of trying to find a new way to post more conveniently, after much guilt, I am finally at peace with it.  At the same time, there's something nice about the forum, ad the place for record-keeping.

And what better record to shine light on our lives than a list of wants?

And so, for Christmas 2013, you have requested the following.

- Our Generation collection horse (the big one--you have the small one)
- Walking Talking Pinkie Pie
- Sofia the First doll
- Zinkies cake set
- Black Turtleneck and socks
- China cats
- Princesses with crowns
- My Little Pony Castle
- FurReal walking cat
- gloves

- Zinkies coral reef
- Black socks (because you like to wear all black and your white socks are cramping your style)
- China animals
- Schleich farm animals
- Gloves
- Ice skates
- Swim lessons
- A flower pot for planting seeds
- Bike helmet
- Scotch tape
(you go through a LOT of tape.)