Sunday, February 28, 2010

Not With a Bang But a Whimper

This is the busiest week we've had in ages, with events five nights in a row: Wednesday night dinner at Dakota's, Thursday night parent-visiting night at Clio's school, Friday night party Chez Peterson, Saturday night work event for me followed by a night on the town for Dave, tonight dinner back at Dakota's. While this has produced plenty of material, it has not left time to process it, and meanwhile my short timeframe for blogging each night has perversely produced very long posts; all of this has left this blogger plain old wiped out.

So, excuses aside, all I've got for this final night of the month-long blog a day challenge is this photo of the girls, taken this morning before watching Snow White snuggled in Clio's bed (actually, Clio watched and Eleri pushed the buttons on the portable DVD player and tried to close the screen repeatedly.)

Something about this reminds me of the creepy twins from the Shining. I think it might be the hair parts going in opposite directions.

It was this, or a photo of a watermelon with an interesting pattern in the flesh; Dave showed it to me Friday while preparing Watermelon punch for the party, and we decided to take a photo in case I got really desperate for my daily post. Let's be glad it did not--quite--come to that!

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