Monday, February 15, 2010

Family Movie

When we made the move from Brooklyn to Boulder, we made the decision to leave our TV behind. Dave was convinced that we were wasting too much time watching programs we didn't actually care about, just because it was there. And you know what? He was so right. Now, I feel like I actually have time to read and clean and make stuff. The only thing I miss? Watching movies. Or more specifically, watching movies with other people: I can (and do) watch rentals on our portable DVD player, curled up in bed or on the couch. On Valentine's day evening, I thought it would be nice to watch a movie with my husband, but neither of us thought that huddling around a 9 inch screen would be particularly romantic. Likewise, my big plan for a "family movie," Finding Nemo with the girls.

In addition to the fact that this was comfortable for no one, there is the added problem of Eleri. Eleri likes to push buttons. She likes to open and close things. So trying to watch a movie with her on a device she can reach is impossible. She pauses and plays and rewinds and fast forwards. She closes the whole darn thing. Clio, in particular, finds this to be very annoying. I thought it was less annoying that when Eleri sat on my neck in an attempt to get a better look.

Now I wonder if we should get one of those flatscreen TVs with a DVD slot right in the side, store it in a closet (as our neighbors do), and just hang it on a wall when we want to watch.

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sara said...

btw-- this whole writing every day thing? you are a rock star.