Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Return of Video

The girls have been watching some of the little videos on this blog lately, and I find myself simultaneously thrilled to have captured Clio's sweet little 2-year old voice and shamed that I have been so neglectful of keeping up with the live-action footage. We never seem to have the video camera on hand when something worth capturing happens, or, if one of us is able to locate it, it is likely out of battery or needs a new disc.

The other night at dinner, I grabbed our little canon elf, which we rarely use but is great for uber-short movies, and grabbed a few moments of the kids.

This first video captures some of Eleri's unique communication style (for the first time, I understand the pediatrician asking parents to distinguish between the words their children can say and those that could be understood by a stranger). The second captures Clio's tendency to copy Eleri when Eleri is getting a lot of attention.

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kwongs said...

there's nothing better than capturing laughter on video! so adorable.