Thursday, June 7, 2012


The girls continue to create all kinds of innovative art projects.  On Tuesday morning, waiting out Clio's contagion before heading to school, they wanted to use the tempera paints.  Because we only have the primary colors, we mix our own secondary colors on makeshift palettes.  This morning I improvised and cut squares of cardboard.  One thing led to another and suddenly the palettes were being pressed to the giant sheets of paper.

I explained about monoprints, and we cut many "plates" from cardboard so they could print more.

Eleri, in particular, was quite methodical about painting her plates.

Later, they put all the painted cardboard into plastic bags and drew them out one by one, asking me to tell them what I saw.

A sunset.  A rainbow.  A red planet.  Hot lava cascading down a mountain.  A giant chick hugging a girl.  A forest fire.  An oil spill in a puddle.  A slice of a mask.

So many beautiful things.

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