Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Clip on earrings

A while back, we took the girls to the mall with the idea of spending a little bit of Christmas money on something they picked out for themselves.  We went to the dollar store with the idea that it would be easy to pick things out with that kind of price equality, but as they grabbed for all kinds of crap, I wondered if it wouldn't be better for the to understand the value of choosing just one thing that you really wanted.  Quality over quantity, you know.  (I'm sometimes still learning this myself).

Clio had been wanting earrings, so we set out in search of clip-ons that were $5 or less.  We found some--faux pearls, so funny for a 5 year old--at The Rack, and of course they promptly broke.  Plus they hurt her ears.

Fast forward to this week, when Nonny revealed herself to be an excellent source of clip-ons.

Clio, naturally, refused to be photographed, but Eleri was happy to model her score with the Nonners.

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