Thursday, June 7, 2012

Billion Books Bash

Bright Water had an excellent goal this year: A Million minutes of reading from the children in the school community.  All year, we tracked out minutes and handed in the numbers.  (Some of us more regularly than others.)  All yea, we watched the volume grow in a special sign at school.

Last night, we celebrated the accomplishment of exceeding this goal.

Clio chose to dress up as Trixie and Knuffle Bunny.

There are many beloved books around these parts, and yet, when asked to dress as her favorite character, Eleri suggested "That Barbie from the first Barbie book?"  I suspect she just wanted to wear a fancy dress.  We compromised on Sleeping Beauty (At least this was a fairy tale before it became a Disney movie, and we have on occasion read the story.)

Dave and I even got in on the action (but luckily I was not photographed.)  I was this:

But most people thought I was this:

Can you guess who Dave was?

If you guess Bartholomew Cubbins, you are correct.  Most people did not guess this.  It was amazing to me how many people didn't know books so familiar to us, and how many children brought favorite books to the event that I had never heard of.  We each have our own family canons, I suppose.

At this point in the year, it is fun to see the girls so comfortable at their school, and so cemented in some relationships.

Eleri sticks to Adele like glue.  (She has been saying she wants glasses, which I thought was because of Clio's glasses.  But then I heard her ask Adele, "how did you get your glasses?")

Clio has become very close with Elizabeth and Ophelia this year.  Both girls dressed as Dorothy, which may explain Clio's original plan to dress as Toto.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed at school functions.  Even though I know many of the families and most of the staff and administration, the noise of the gym and chaos of so many kids at an event can paralyze me.  I had been feeling sort of squinchy all day, and leaving the party in a sunshower broke me out of it.  The resulting full rainbow completely made my day.  We pulled into the dollar store parking lot on the way home to be sure everyone could see their fill.

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meghan said...

I agree with you on the chaos factor. Both Mike and I usually feel the same way at school functions and this was the first one we went to and really even tried to speak with other families.
I feel I should say that Elizabeth and Ophelia did (apparently) have a heated argument regarding Dorothy. By the time I heard about it they had worked it all out, thankfully, since Elizabeth's grandma had already made her dress.
I'm very glad Clio opted for an original character and I wish we could have talked Elizabeth into something else.
Hats off (or on!) to you and Dave for dressing up! I wish we had as well.
I loved seeing the rainbow in the sun shower afterwords! It really helped to clear out the fog of the day.