Monday, May 14, 2007

All better

It occurs to me that anyone reading this probably wants an update on clio herself; when last we left her, she was feeling very bad indeed. After 8 days of this, Clio was sick of being sick. (We suspected some crocodile tears, but mostly gave her the benefit of the doubt).

Luckily, she rebounded, and got right back to business, with some old skills like cruising the living room:

New ones like picking up toys or blocks one by one and handing them over:

And playing in the dirt.

Also, making both her grandmother's especially proud, Clio has discovered the miracle of savings!

With the worst behind us, I can even admit that we were a little scared that Clio would never get her sunny personality back- and we realized just what a great kid we're lucky enough to have. We needn't have worried. As the toddlers say, Clio's "all better!"

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