Thursday, May 7, 2009

Now, Forager

Eleri has a very bad habit. Now that she can really get around on her own, she takes advantage of her mobility to scavenge for food. And when I say food, I use the term loosely, to include all manner of thing that Eleri would love to eat that we prefer she not. Like magazines. And the shriveled-up peas that hide in corners even after I sweep. And, most of all, the carpet fluff. Our living room rug is relatively new and still shedding its bright orange fibers. Eleri loves to dig them up and put them in her mouth. This fluff also collects in other places that she has discovered: the crease of the bottom stair is a veritable buffet.

Dave is insistent on removing any and all of the above items from her mouth. If we're being honest, I'm a little more liberal and sometimes pretend that I have not seen her put anything in there. But occasionally we get a hairball-like situation that, as Clio might say, is "so nasty." (At least this would be a correct usage of the term, right?) Dave has suggested getting rid of the rug, but I feel strongly that we need it to stage the house for sale. Luckily, once the house hits the market we will also need to sweep and mop on a much more regular basis. (Wait, did I just say that was "lucky"? Lucky for the carpet fluff, I guess.)

Meanwhile, at Clio's parent-teacher conference last week, they told me that one of her favorite activities is snack. Really. You would think we weren't feeding these kids or something.

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