Sunday, November 16, 2008


Clio has been pretty into stickers lately.

True, she's not great at peeling them off the sheet; true, she doesn't fully understand that there's a limited lifespan to the actual stickiness if you continually un-stick and re-stick them to new spots; and true, she thinks the best "spots" are either on your skin or piled on top of one another in a coloring book, creating something of a sticker hog-pile.

Nonetheless, she is thrilled by any gift of stickers, whether chosen from a plastic apple at the Doctor's office or peeled from the opening in a new wipes container; and she was particularly pleased this weekend to get some wacky cat stickers in the mail from Grandma.

Here she is, displaying her wares on tow occasions (we've been doling them out to streeeetch the fun as many days as possible).

And here again, pointing out the sticker that I was honored to have bestowed upon me (before her bath; after her bath my shirt wore ALL the stickers since even Clio seemed to get that stickers don't belong in the tub and therefore allowed me to take them off her hands.)

I imagine a few of you are thinking "Dibs" for Christmas. Guess what? If she's still interested in stickers 6 weeks down the road, I'm sure she'll still be interested in AS MANY AS SHE CAN POSSIBLY GET HER HANDS ON (and get on her hands.) So have at it.

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