Sunday, November 2, 2008

NYC Marathon

As you may have learned around this time last year, the New York City Marathon goes right through our neighborhood at mile 5, about half a block away from our house. Clio got pretty excited to "watch the runners," and got all dolled up in some warm clothes for a little intensive bystanding. (Dave tells me that her friend Isabella recently went to some event involving models, where she learned to pose and walk the catwalk; she passed this knowledge along to a very eager Clio, who is demonstrating her new skills here.)

Last year we watched as many, many runners took a pit stop at our corner Hess, relieving themselves in the bushes we walk by every single day. This year, our corner came just
before the Gatorade station. Product placement alert! Check out all the ING ponchos, and the 8 gazillion Gatorade cups all over the street. (I would be afraid, very afraid, to run through this.)

We met up with our friends Emily and Ben, and their boy Abe, who joined Clio in a little marathon of their own. At first it appeared that this telephone was the relay point,
but soon they were off and running.... and running... and here's Dave running after them.

Successfully corralled.

How old do you have to be to enter the marathon lottery?

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