Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some Design BLogs, by request

People sometimes ask me what blogs I read and what sources I like for design inspiration. As mentioned, most of the blogs I've been browsing lately have been regular-people blogs, though the best ones tend to be ladies with some kind of design biz going on.

I'm liking:

Little Green Notebook

Making it Lovely (she's a stationery designer and is chrononcling the trandofmration of her own bungalow. She also does this fun thing called Making it Yours where she does several inspiration rooms based around one piece)

Young House Love is one of those success stories where the couple is now full-time blogging. They seem really sweet, they write well, and it's fun to see such a complete DIY makeover, but I have to say I find their taste a little uninspired. Very clean and fresh, just not totally my thing.

Simple Lovely is redoing a 70s house, which you don't see all the time. She also shares lots of tidbits about fashion, jewelry, craft, etc.

The winner of the most recent HGTV Design Star has a blog. So far, I'm not totally convinced, but I think this is a crazy time for her, what with starting up a new TV show and all.

I check in on Design Mom every once in a while. In addition to designy stuff, there's lots of mom stuff here, like birth stories, that kind of thing.

Then there are some of the "classic" design blogs, like designsponge, peak of chic, and apartment therapy. These are mostly larger operations with lots of content and different inspirations, as opposed to one person's journey/vision. And of course there's Lonny, the one-year old design magazine that is fully online and doing its darndest to fill Domino's albeit large footsteps. It can be uneven and the writing isn't the best, but they are definitely hitting their stride, and I am definitely psyched when I get the notice in my inbox that a new issue is up!

Of course, there are many, many others. There are two that I found, loved, and lost: one from a woman who is way into 70s glam-rock style and one from a hilarious British woman. Both I found my linking through blogrolls on design blogs (another great source!), but I have been unable to trace my steps back to either one of them for the time being. There are also lots of bad ones, but even those can be fun for what they provide: a window into the way people are living their lives and loving their homes.

Any favorites out there? Leave a link in the comments section!

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