Sunday, February 8, 2009

Apres Bath

I was joking recently that Clio and Eleri look just enough alike that I could get away with swapping in Clio baby photos for Eleri and no one would notice. There is this very sweet photo of Clio wrapped in a towel (sitting on the potty, but I figured no one needed to know), and I thought it would make a cute photo card to have shots of them both all clean and bundled.

Problem is, Eleri is a second child and never seems to have bathtime, so I figured I could use a Clio photo from the archive.
Today, when Eleri finally did get a bath (we took her to a valentine card making event at Clio's school yesterday and it was embarrasing how filthy and stinky she was), I tested my theory. While there is a definite resemblance, I think it's pretty clear who's who. But I'm their mom.

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kwongs said...

eleri is the bottom one right? they are both so gorgeous!