Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cousin Time

I daresay the girls are about as thrilled to live near their cousins as they would be to live in the same town as anyone on earth (I stipulate because Clio would likely overthrow anyone for the Disney Princesses, were they real). So far, they've been to our house, we got to go to their club for a fabulous end-of-summer pool party, and last weekend we had a double header. Apple Days in the morning and a party for my brother's birthday in the evening.

I love the ribbon crowns we got for the big girls

Eating apples, natch

Some double and triple decker stroller action

And dress up at the cousin's house.

Looking forward to many more activities to come.

1 comment:

Rebecca Lang said...

Eleri looks great in that chicken (?) hat. It's great that your girls get to grow up close to their cousins.