Sunday, December 30, 2007


Now, I don't want to play favorites or anything. But the undeniable fact of the matter is, Clio is totally smitten with my Dad. So much so, in fact, that The Mommy was often playing second fiddle to the ever-great Papa. All day long, we heard "papa papa papa." "Papa up." "Papa yadoo (color)." "Papa's Chair."

In looking through our pictures from the trip I have to say, who can blame her?

Papa was a very attentive grandparent, forever carrying her around, up and down stairs and around the house and inside and outside. He was forever listening to her talk, and even, I suspect, deciphering her language (or understanding it instinctively) and carrying on with some on-going stories. He did let her sit in Papa's Chair, and Clio reciprocated by kicking anyone else out of it. (Look at the proprietary look of "go away"):

But my very favorite sight from the week was encountering Papa and Clio making a little train around the basement, each with a pull toy, so a little duck followed Clio who followed a chain of ducks who followed Papa.

Clio could play this game for hours. And Papa, bless his heart (and patience), was happy to indulge her.

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Terry said...

Papa was the most popular with Clio, though we all enjoyed having her around. She is at a great age with so much fun and humor. Loved seeing her play with inn and shooda. They played for hours with their babies in Clio's new play house. I wish I had a picture of Heather and Dave's face when then saw the huge present for Clio. Luckily the house collapses for travel.