Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Clio Goes to Church (or, Happy 85th Birthday Great-Grandpa Peterson!)

While in Morrison, Clio had her first encounter with God's Church. (For the record, we discussed our collective confusion about this term- I mean, who else's church would it be?) Great-Uncle Ray seemed a little shocked when I admitted Clio had never been to church before, but Barb assures me the Petersons are not all regulars. In fact, one of the church ladies remarked that she hadn't seen Barb in "quite a while...."

Clio made it through about 20 minutes in the nursery until the teenaged boy running the place brought her upstairs and very politely handed her over to Dave; she lasted 5 minutes in the chapel before Dave needed to remove her to less ceremonious environs. I'd say she did quite well, for a
first-timer. This may have been my first Lutheran mass as well, and it was quite lovely. Lots of music (and they sing ALL the verses), a friendly sermon, a kids intermission, and, after the mass, cake.

Normally the snack runs to cheese and crackers, but as a very special surprise for Grandpa Peterson, his daughter and two daughters-in-law descended on the church with a homemade cake each, leading to a spread of sweets that the congregation clearly appreciated. Vicky made a "Better Than Sex" Cake, which Ray, her husband of 33 years, broadcast to anyone who would listen.

(That's Ray on the left. He and Viky celebrated their anniversary on the 30th, so another shout out to longevity!)

As for the birthday boy, he seemed beside himself to have so many family and friends around him, and to have a number of celebrations all for him. (All told, i count 5 or more desserts that were made and consumed in his honor. Yum!)

To capture the moment, we did our best to get a portrait with Clio

But Grandpa settled for me.

He had other chances with Clio, though, with happy results:

Meanwhile, Clio spent the rest of the church after-party taking ornaments off the low branches of the tree. Mom, consider yourself forewarned for Christmas!

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