Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Cousin Connor

Connor was just staying with us for a couple of weeks. He is the very best kind of houseguest: we rarely saw him, but when we did he kept us highly entertained with tales from the nightlife. He also does dishes if you feed him and brings ice cream into the house on a regular basis. Connor has made several pit stops here in Greenwood Heights between stints in Asia and Europe, and watching him work through hangovers with gas-station coffee, we remember what it is like to be young and childless. You know what? As glam as Connor makes it look, I wouldn't go back for a minute. The late nights and social drama just seem so exhausting; However, I have to say that I wouldn't turn down one of those long days on the couch, watching E! news and America's Next Top Model! As Connor himself pointed out, this was all excellent practice for Clio's teenage years.

When Connor stayed with us in March, he terrified Clio. We thought it had something to do with his voice, which can be somewhat booming, but he claims that he has this effect on all children. I'm happy to report there has been some progress: this trip, Connor apparently picked Clio up. Now, I happened to be out of the room, and it is just possible that the boys are simply corroborating each other's story. Both have the same ending: Clio cried.

I do, at least, have evidence of some interaction.

Need I say more?

Beyond the finger painting, Connor added a new skill to his repertoire: babysitting. Not, of course, when the baby was
awake, but still. Baby steps. Thrilled to get out to a nice dinner, Dave and I hit the town... and crawled home at 10:30 with our tails between our legs. That's like having dinner at 4pm to someone of Connor's ilk. Is this an ode to parenthood, or what?

We miss you already, Connor!

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The Hewitts said...

I'm sorry about the tail between the legs bit. But, I am thrilled that, even in the city that never sleeps, parents of young children don't have the night life stamina of our younger years. Maybe Scott and I aren't such dolts, after all.

Or, perhaps we are and you and Dave have now joined us!