Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Grandparents Peterson

First of all, while I'm on this archival kick, here is Dave as a baby with young Barb and Glenn:

Fast forward 30+ years, and Clio enjoyed a week of grandparental attention at the end of June. Luckily for Clio, Grandma and Grandpa have already seen just about every sight in New York over the years of visiting their first born, so the focus of their trip was all Clio, all the time. They read books (don't you love how Clio seems to be telling the story to Barb, and not the other way around?),

discovered Clio's favorite game of divesting the shelves of their board books,

and went for stroller rides. Lots and lots of stroller rides. In fact, Clio got so into her daily outings, she started grabbing the Maclaren handles to indicate it was time for a stroll. Her grandparents were very obliging.

They also got to experience baby music class. They even brought a camera, so I can now document the activities at Music Together.

Here's Dagwood, Clio's intended from a few posts back. He really is quite adorable- can you blame her for the lip-lock?

You'll notice that most of the pictures feature Clio on her own or Clio and Barb. Seems like, as in our little family, the man of the house is also the photographer of the house. But my total favorite picture from the visit is one of Pete. I have no idea what led up to this moment, but I think Barb has captured a hilarious scene:

Enough said!

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Vishu said...

Great post! Love the classic Peterson pics.