Sunday, July 15, 2007

Baby Pollocks

I happened upon some nice tubes of fingerpaint at Target yesterday; today we had a painting party, which turned out to be the baby version of something out of the 60s, like Woodstock without the music. A users' guide, in case you'd like to try this at home:

First, strip the babies down to their diapers. (In the meantime, take a look at yourself: do you mind if your clothes get covered in painted handprints? )

Now, once you've put down a sheet and some nice big paper on the ground (do this outside!), it's time to get out the paint. Squeeze it out on the paper:

Or directly on the babies, as Dave is doing with Eva here:

Let them have at it!

Our budding artistes include Scarlett:


And Eva:

Now, when the fun runs out (and it will, in about 15 minutes) have a bucket or plastic trash can ready for a quick mudbath (a la Lucia at the lake):

Or just hose 'em down. Clio found the water refreshing:

Finally, get dry on Daddy's pants

And admire your artistic genius: Voila!

I must credit Aunt Maud for the painting inspiration. A true advocate that no child is too young for fabulous activities, she had Clio at the easel as soon as we arrived at the lake before the 4th of July:

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