Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Christmas Lists 2015

Here we go again with the wanting.

Top top desire: a pet tiny turtle (small, green, and male.) PLEASE!

- Zoomer kitty
- My Little Pony pop kits (any--they are available in-store at Target.  Like this.)

EDIT: Clio asked me to add these things on December 22, with a note that reads "I know it's kinda late but please do it anyway."

Calico Critters babies--preferably red panda, deer, hopscotch rabbit or cottontail rabbit, but any would work.  (ed note: I don't know if those are real calico critters options, or wishful thinking.)



Lil Live Pets mouse and bird

Science kits (all available at Creative Kidstuff)
- Weird and wacky contraption lab
- Candy chemistry
- Secret Formula lab
- Big bag of science
- kids first chemistry set

Rick Riordan, Heroes of Olympus Series, books 1-6:
- The Lost Hero
- The Son of Neptune
- The Mark of Athena
- The House of Hades
- The Blood of Olympus
- The Demigod Diaries
How to Train Your Dragon Series, books 6-12
The Mysterious Benedict Society And the Perilous Journey (book 2)
Erin Hunter Warriors series, Dawn of the Clans books 4-6

Top top desire: Calico Critters Cloverleaf Townhouse.  PLEASE!
(there may also be a less deluxe version, minus the "gift set.")
Calico Critter animal sets--any animal (available at Creative Kidstuff)
Calico Critter Seaside Cruiser House Boat
Zoomer Zuppies Candy (expensive!)
Monster High Doll
Lego Friends Sunshine Ranch (sold out on Lego.com, may be available at lego store, also on ebay)
Chubby puppies ultimate dog park
Shopkins (any set, available at Target, but she was kind of eyeing this one.)
Littlest Petshop Jet
Papo figurines Dragons (available at Creative Kidstuff)
Beanie Boos
My Little Pony pop kits (any--they are available in-store at Target.  Like this.)
My Little Pony Canterlot Castle (editor: please no!)


(she made me write that last part.)

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