Friday, February 10, 2012

The Stoic and the Ham

Somewhere along the line, I kind of gave up on taking pictures of my children.  They simply don't like it, and are, therefore, uncooperative.  But we have this tradition of sending a valentine (instead of a Christmas card), and I was not feeling ready to let it go.

So I did what any self-respecting mother would do.  I bribed a photo shoot out of them.  

I should have known better.  I did not end up with a single useable picture (I took 134--thank goodness for digital cameras).  Instead I ended up with this.

Watch Clio get madder and madder as Eleri hams it up.

Then Clio cracks, but she's too stubborn to laugh, so she ends up with a laugh-cry bonanza.  I'm skipping most of that.

Post crying-jag recovery.  Clio decides to get in on the action.

Girls, you crazy.


Caroline Young said...

I especially enjoy the mardi gras beads around Clio's foot. they are nice and unexpected touch. :)

Lisa Hengel said...

The last one is PERFECT! They're all adorable :-)