Thursday, July 1, 2010

Outfit of the Week

Eleri dressed herself this morning.

She chose her "happy pants" (actually pajama bottoms), and then, to be coordinated, she chose a pajama top--from a different set. This one has ballet shoes on it.

Then she went on to get some red knee highs out of the drawer. Just to give you the full visual, Clio and Eleri share a double closet with sliding doors; they have small plastic chests of drawers inside. I had the doors slid across Eleri's side so that Clio could pick a dress, and I didn't notice Eleri squeezing between the door and the drawers, so imagine my surprise when her hand shot out from nowhere holding socks and tights. She emerged saying "my socks" and then sat and put them on.

Clio helped, but one was still upside down.

I remember, as I sometimes do, that there is an occasional "column" on this here blog about the girls' crazy outfits. So Dave got the camera for me, and Eleri was all, What?

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