Sunday, April 4, 2010

Outfit of the Week

From the beginning, my mother has had a dead-on sense of Eleri's "style" (and, perhaps more pointedly, the difference from Clio's style.) For Eleri, she tend to veer away from the world of pink and lavender in which Clio happily lives. She finds things in bolder, brighter colors. Rather than delicate florals or preppy stripes, popular in Clio's half of the closet, my mother chooses large scale graphic patterns for Eleri.

In their Easter package we found a pink and green gingham dress for Clio, with ribbon straps, flutter sleeves, and a large butterfly on the back; Eleri got these springtime pagamas, with a happy bumble bee on the shirt. Now, not only does Eleri seem very happy each time she wears the top (and she chooses it first if available), she also says "happy! happy!" whenever she sees it.

Thanks mom!


Rebecca said...

Exceptionally cute.

kwongs said...

so cute!

The Hewitts said...

I really like the modeling poses, especially the first one.