Saturday, December 19, 2009

School Performance

Yesterday we attended Clio's first school holiday performance. As we ran out the door, we discovered that the video camera battery was dead, so you'll just have to imagine her class's rousing rendition of "Favorite Things" from the Sound of Music. I love that Clio, at 3 1/2, actually sang the whole thing. And that, when the curtain first opened, she spotted Dave, waved excitedly, and called out "Hi Dad!" And that, at the end of the song, she bowed from the waist but kept looking up, her eyes trained on the audience.

After the performance, there was a christmas cookie pot luck, and someone had the good sense to bring a jelly belly 100-falvor variety pack. The children swarmed to this like those seagulls that steal your hot dog at the beach, and the sugar high was instantaneous: Clio ran in circles around two rows of chairs for many long minutes, stopping to refuel every third or fourth turn.

It took some major maneuvering to get her out of there and up to her classroom to retrieve her backpack and her holiday gift- a snowglobe swathed in cotton and housed in a paper bag for safe transport. she explained to us that "it is glass because it is breakable" and was unmoved by the parental and teacher suggestions that perhaps she had this backwards.

I'd say she's a big fan of the holidays already, and we're only getting started. Unless, of course, it turns out that I did not manage to get tickets home to MN- an issue I just confronted when I went looking for our flight information and found none.

Fingers crossed that, this time tomorrow, we will be just landing in Minnesota.

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