Saturday, September 19, 2009

Outfit of the Week

Clio has continued to develop such a, well, specific style of her own, and she is applying said style to school days with such flair, that this "outfit of the week" really should become a regular feature of the blog. But this would require taking her picture daily, and then choosing the best outfit on Friday and posting the accompanying snap shot. And followers of this blog know that Clio does not like to have her picture taken. (Note to self: Clio does like to look at pictures of herself; perhaps, if given equal voting rights at the end of each week, and if allowed to see herself on the blog, Clio would cooperate with this project.)

At any rate, she wore such an- ahem, choice outfit this week, I had to risk all to capture it.

I didn't do such a great job. Unfortunately, it's hard to see the plastic butterflies in her hair, the result of the styling that followed her recent haircut at Lollylocks salon. And by this point she had removed her white, velcro-closure sneakers. And it's hard to get a real sense of the stains on her silky dress or its sagging hem. But you get the general idea: pink smocking plus peter pan collar plus embroidered pearls plus--naturally--bold red and white striped tights. with sneakers. For school.

Boy, did she love wearing this.

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