Monday, February 18, 2008

Down the Shore

We had the good fortune to spend the weekend in Lavalette, a quiet town on the Jersey Shore, at Marni's in-laws beach house. At first Clio was not so sure about the sand (though she was very enthused about playing in the pebble driveways of the Shapiro's street: "Rocks!" was a common refrain throughout the day); but uncertainty gave way to fascination, and we took some good, cold walks along the beach. Clio stared down at her shoes as they kicked up the sand, and tended to weave inadvertently downslope, towards the water. She never did warm up to the idea of the ocean, though. When she realized she was getting close, she would say, "No want it. No water," and insist on being carried back up the shore, to a safer distance.

Maybe in the summer she'll get into it.
(More photos to come- Marni took some great ones on the beach)

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