Saturday, June 16, 2007

the love machine strikes again

Clio's latest victim? Dagwood, a little boy in her music class. Normally Dagwood is decked out in serene little cotton kimono jackets, and Clio doesn't think twice about him; but today, in a nod to father's day, he wore a sonics tank and shorts and Clio attacked. Does she love the jocks already?

Picture the scene: music class, 9:30 am. About a dozen kids and parents sitting cross-legged in a circle. Clio had been sleepy and clingy all class (we missed her nap to come) until the egg rattlers came out. She crawled into the circle where the toddlers were convening, and then right into Dagwood's face. She started tapping his head, then got up on her knee and got her arms tight around his neck. In a flash, she had him on his back so she was half lying on top of him and started, well, basically trying to make out with him. Really, kind of sucking on his face! It was slightly embarrassing (because, you know, where does she learn these things?) but Dagwood seemed unfazed. I pulled her off and got Dagwood to his feet.

"Clio, get a room!" said Kevin, the music teacher.

During the next song, a 4-year old named Brian was dancing around with Kevin, and suddenly his jean shorts were around his ankles. His mother got him put back to together, and we all agreed this class was rated PG-13.

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