Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pizza: A Love Story in 2 Parts

I made a MAJOR error in parental judgment the other day, when I mentioned the word "pizza" to my pizza-obsessed toddler before I even got it out of the freezer. Clio is so enamored with pizza, she has taken to calling all tasty foods after her delicious favorite (e.g., frozen corn = "pizza"). Here we are talking about pizza, before I employed every distraction tactic in the book while the oven preheated and the pizza baked for an excruciating 21 minutes. (toddlers don't understand the concepts of "almost," "not quite yet," or "soon.")

Finally, Clio gets to sit down to lunch. Now, because I am overenthusiastic about art-directing these little videos, and because we often take video on our regular camera, I tend to forget that you can NOT take video in the portrait layout; normally I would do everything possible to cover up this foolishness (and did in fact find open-source editing software through a google search, which I downloaded and learned how to use all by myself), HOWEVER, for some reason when you flip a video from portrait to landscape it's 5 times as big as it was to begin with and therefore too big for youtube, so you're gonna have to watch this one sideways.

It's mostly the audio that's pertinent anyway.

And for the record, the coordinated plate, bib, and sippy cup is a total coincidence.


bity said...

So cute!

I'm glad we got extra pizza for tmrw. Clio might need one of her own.

FYI, Eva feels similarly about Strawberries :)


kwongs said...

the second video is hilarious! well, both are hilarious, but i love how desperately she wants to eat the pizza in the second video, but knows that it's too hot and has to wait. smart girl!